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Dresses & Men's Wear

Personalisation is the key.

Every dancer understands the need to shine on the dancefloor. The perfect dress and clothing reflects your style, your charisma and your atmosphere. Feel great, look great.                     

Dancelife understands that clothing is personal. Dancing is personal. Therefore we invite you to contact us and find out how we can live up to your wishes. Our in-house atelier and our highly skilled designer Vera are ready at your disposal.  



Dancelife offers you the opportunity to a unique dress. Materials, design, fitting, all can and will be adjusted to your wishes. With help of our dedicated specialists we make sure you will have the perfect dress of your desire.  


Men's Wear

In the shadow of the Dresses we often find the masculin counterpart: Men's Wear. Underestimated by many, highly valued with Dancelife. Subtle, extravagant, crystalized, your wish is our command. 


Personal Collection

Dancelife can provide you with a complete collection, living up to your specific wishes. You may choose the type of dresses, quantity and pricing range: Dancelife takes care of the rest. Your unique collection is now within your reach.

The possibilities are endless. All we need is your input. 

Contact us and discover the Dancelife Dresses & Men's Wear.