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Sizes & Types

Make the right choice.

Our products come in many different forms and shapes. Essential to the perfect product experience is choosing the correct size of your Dancelife product. Below you will find an international size conversion table for shoe sizes, for you to be able to choose the appropriate sizing. 

Heeltypes and Heelheights

Many of our shoe styles come in different types. This can be alternative coloring, different heel heights, different heel types, alternative materials, and so on and so forth. In general the following heel types and heel sizes are available. When selecting a specific type in the website, the options for adjusting features will automatically become available.

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Size range and width

Every shoe style comes in a specific size range. This range is held on stock. Should you require alternative sizing (for example ladies with a somewhat larger size) then you can leave the size indicator to ´-´ and select Different Size in the section Special features. Upon your order we will contact you to discuss the sizing of your preference. 

Should you require wide fitting then you can select Wide Fit in the Special Features section. Every size of the regulare size range is available in Wide Fit version. 

Please note that Special Features are made on order. Therefore delivery time for shoes with these features are approximately 10 weeks.

Choose your size

One would think buying dance shoes is easy. After all, everybody knows their shoe size - don't they?

Reality turns out to be rather different. To know which size you need, you need to know what purpose dance shoes are designed for. For example, dance shoes almost always feauture high heels. To look pretty? Yes. But as well to push your body weight slightly forward, to stand more grounded, to be more balanced and to have more intense contact with the dance floor.

For men's shoes and closed toe ladies shoes it is relatively easy: the shoes need to fit snugly without hurting, to have as much contact and balance as you can. This implicates that your dance shoes are generally worn smaller than you would wear your regular street shoes.

The open sandals are a different matter. Here the toes should completely cover the soles of the shoes and it is preferable if the toes actually "hang over the edges" of the shoes just a bit (up to 1/4 inch). In combination with the heels this causes the lady to move her weight to her front foot , therefore optimizing her balance, posture and contact with the floor. As well, in Latin it is normal to point and stretch your feet in many occassions. When a foot does not cover the complete sole and the lady fully stretches her foot, this will cause the sole to stick out. A piece of sole sticking out is bound to make a lady stumble sooner or later. 


Size does matter